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tanzpol sees itself as a progressive exchange platform for choreography and performance. Generations of young and established artists from different cultural backgrounds come together. tanzpol aims to reflect and discuss dominant perspectives on non-European cultural contexts, as well as on structures within and outside Europe that make exchange and networking difficult. The long-term goal is to establish a moving network and to sustainably strengthen the coming together of different perspectives and contexts in Berlin.

Through performances, training formats, workshops and a one-day symposium with international guests, tanzpol Festival enables access to different aesthetics, bodies, working methods and artistic expertise, also for the Berlin dance scene and the Berlin audience.

In this year’s first edition of tanzpol Festival, and after delays due to the pandemic, we are pleased to be able to show pieces by renowned artists at Uferstudios Berlin alongside the work of exciting young choreographers. Ali Moini will be a guest with his piece My Paradoxical Knives. Hooman Sharifi will show his work The Dead Live On In Our Dreams and with Sorour Darabi we can look forward to her solo work Mowgli. We are also looking forward to a diverse supporting program.

Johanna Kasperowitsch
Ashkan Afsharian
Artistic Direction Team tanzpol


Copyright Foto: Holger Biermann

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