Occupied Air

© Amin Heydarifard

Following Deleuz’s concept of the indeterminate body, the Polish physician Ludwick Rajchman writes: “One could speak of a principle of the indeterminacy of the body: Each of us has a body in this indeterminate sense, each of us is a somebody or is capable of becoming somebody. The indeterminacy of bodily being is thus impersonal and yet quite singular; having a body, being able to become anyone, is in fact what is most intrinsic to each of us, even if it never reduces to anything determinate about us.” It is a journey of discovering my body with and without memories, of trying to find a new space for my body in different air conditions, and of entering into the new cycle of breathing with the aim of using the air as part of my memory.

Mon, 11th jul., 7 p.m.
Studio 1

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