Workshop – Practicing Overflow – Memory, Spaces and Gestures of (Un)belonging

Since early 2018, Kâmnoush Khosrovani is deeply involved in a research-creation project in TanBaafi Lab, connecting anthropological investigation and embodied creative processes. “Practicing Overflow” is one of the participatory outcomes of this exploration.
In this workshop Kâmnoush will focus on the relationship and connectivity of participants as individuals and as groups, constantly including and excluding one and another. These emergent communities, “cells”, are lived in an ongoing process of composition and decomposition countering a hegemonic social background that reclaimes itself as “The Cell”. The embodied learning which is inherent to the lived experience of the cells and the passage between them and The Cell, require a fine knowledge and attuned attention regarding the range of possibilities and the impossibilities of the current social reality. Here the overflowing becomes a must-have skill to get creative with one’s individual and collective embodied experiences and to perform the joyful, nonchalant art of failing the hegemonic norms.
The workshop is open to every-body with or without disabilities and invites everyone to create an environment where overflowing can be explored as a way to support, encouragement, as well as to connect and react to the depth and complexity of their own and others needs and expressions.