Workshop – Force and its Direction, Pressure and its Efficiency

Force, when exerted, contains a direction. This direction could be changed if another vessel of the force crosses its path. Pressure exerted by the force on an obstacle that is in its path does not follow the direction of the force because pressure has no direction. Force, on the other hand, exerts pressure on the obstacle until its energy runs out or the obstacle can no longer withstand the pressure. Participants will work on these and other issues in the workshop. They will apply them to body parts and their surroundings to investigate what qualities of movement emerge and what potential for composition they offer. Fiction and representation will be left out. They will experiment with creating different forces and obstacles to compose a system that holds bodies and that works as long as they endure. The way we tolerate or multiply the forces and pressure points within the system and how we make choices creates a platform in which to live and compose.