Workshop – Moving Through The Screen

Against the background of a traditional Iranian game, which is used as a structure in the workshop, movement and sound tasks are explored playfully in the group. Participants are invited to (re)discover the joy of physical play and experiment with it in a creative atmosphere. The workshop is intended as a two-day play with bodies, movement and sound.

The workshop is led by an internationally active choreographer, filmmaker and dance educator. She has received international recognition and numerous awards, especially for her filmic works. Her work has been described by festival juries as rebellious, creative, inspiring, unbearably elegant and touching, emblematic and poignant, empowering to women, and nurtured by clarity and an extraordinary ambition. Additionally, she has choreographed a number of solo performances and works as a dancer with choreographers nationally and internationally, currently with renowned artist Yoshiko Chuma and her company The School of Hard Knocks.

Mon, 13th dec, 1 p.m.-4.p.m. Tue, 14th dec, 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Studio 2 > Tickets News about Corona